DIY Record Breaking

There are two ways to break a record. You can come to one of our ULT events or you can Do It Yourself (DIY) at home. If you decide to break a record DIY style, it is up to you to provide convincing evidence of your record breaking attempt. Your attempt will be judged by approved peers. These are people who love the game and pay attention to the records.

Some things you will need:
- two HD video cameras with a wide field of view such as the Sony DSC-HX1
- 2 tripods
- cones
- icy hot
- more details to come

Anyone can break a record but for it to count you must practice, plan carefully and follow the rules. Each category will have its own specific rules. For example:

Longest Bag Toss 3pt 4×2 Boards
1) Board must conform to ACA regulations for overall geometry
2) Board surface must be smooth and when a bag is dropped from 5ft in height on the board, the bag slides more than 6 inches after impact.
3) Board surface must be stiff such that when 100lbs is place in the center of the board, the board does not deflect more than 1in.
4) Bags must be 14-16oz in weight. Filler must be corn or behave like corn (rigid plastic pellets) when impact the board. Fabric must be duck cloth and 10 – 12 oz/yd^2.
5) Distance is measured from the throwing line to the front edge of the board (i.e. not to the hole).
6) One camera should be placed by the thrower showing the toss in full. Another camera should be placed by the board showing the toss in full. Minimum resolution of both cameras is 720P.  A third camera from a side angle is also encouraged.
7) Video submission.  Pre-qualification video can be submitted via YouTube.  Post a link on our submission page.  For further qualification, the raw video must be burned to a DVD ROM and submitted for further analysis.  Include several toss attempts in the video.  Submit the video to Vorticy, 9030 Carroll Way Suite 4, San Diego, CA 92121.

8) Think ahead and make your case as convincing as possible. We recommend you showing the cone setup with the tape measure verifying 10ft between cones. Certainly, there is room for cheating. Judges will either find it convincing or not.  So make sure your video tells a convincing story.  If you only show one attempt and the bag leaves the camera field of view, your record attempt will not be considered.

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